Our Ballet Summer School participants will have the opportunity to register to the Audition for the :
- "Young Talents Program" (13 and 15 years of age )
and for the :
- "Bachelor of Arts-Dance" Program of the Palucca University (15 – 20 years of age)

The Audition will be held on Friday, August 10, 2018 at the Palucca University of Dance Dresden.
The audition will be open to both male and female dancers.
The dancers who audition for the B.A must have by Summer 2018, completed their compulsory academic education.
Candidates will participate in a ballet class and contemporary class during the audition.

Application fee

A fee of € 30.00 will be charged for each application. The fee is due with the submission of application documents and will not be refunded.

The copy of the Bank transfer receipt must be submitted together with the application documents.

When transferring the fee, please specify the following number 7040 / 00602-1, as well as your first and last name.

Please transfer the amount to the following bank account,
Name of Beneficiary:  Hauptkasse Sachsen

IBAN: DE 06 8600 0000 0086 0015 19


Beneficiary's bank 's name address:
Deutsche Bundesbank
Karl-Liebknecht-Str.141 A
04275 Leipzig

You will also be able to pay the fee cash ones in Dresden prior to the audition. 

You can download the application here:


The application, prepared and signed by a parent or guardian, must be accompanied by the following documents:

- 2 passport photos
-  CV 
- certified copy or official transcripts of records of secondary school, copy of the school graduation certificate or undergraduate and/or graduate study degrees (foreign degrees have to be handed in with a certified
• if applicable prove of previous study period as well as study results and/or exam results
•  a doctor’ s statement declaring the candidates good health .

The application and documents will be collected during the first week of the Ballet Summer School, at the Palucca University of Dance. 


Here are the dancers selected during our Workshops 2016 :

– join Palucca University of Dance Dresden 2016 :

Carla Ioana Ana-Maria Popescu
Akira Uemura
Celia Carezudo
Célia Bardet

Sven Bjarne Lothe
Samuel Sepulveda Sanguino
Luca Lorenzo Driesang

Apprentice Programme Sempeoper Ballet / Palucca

Sarah Branch, Irene Pinilla Duran

Ost Sächsische Spaarkasse Scholarhip Dancer Position, Semperoper Ballet
Anna-Maria Papaiacovou

– join Palucca University of Dance Dresden during the previous years:

Alix Robin (France) ,Yui Negishi (Japan), Nuria Cazorla (Spain), Sara Fernandez Khatiboun (Spain), Daphne Seberich (Italy)
Philipp Förster (Germany), Petr Buchenkov (Russia), Broocke Squire (England), Janice Slattery (Australie), Virva Torkko (Finland)
Kirill Kalanishkov (Russia)


- join SemperOper Ballet Dresden

Sarah Hay (USA), Vaslav Lamparter (Czech Republic), Yui Negishi (Japan) , Michael Blasko (Czech Republic)
Katarina Placha (Czech Republic)